Our research is mainly focused on light-matter interactions at the micro/nano scale, with applications in nanophotonics, optical trapping, and optofluidics. We are particularly interested in developing tools based on radiation pressure and applying these tools to tackle difficult problems at the intersection of various disciplines. The goal of our research is, from an engineering point of view, to advance scientific understanding of optical and biophysics and to improve the life of the masses.

Acknowledgements to our sponsors:

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Yuxiang Shawn Liu
Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609
yliu11 at wpi.edu

Office Phone: 508-831-4829
Lab Phones:
508-831-5000 ext 2956 (optical trapping and microfluidics)
508-831-5000 ext 2059 (cavity optomechanics)

Office: Higgins Labs 011

Higgins Labs 027 (Cavity Optomechanics)
Higgins Labs 037 (Optical Trapping)
Higgins Labs 039 (Microfluidics)

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Updated: 01/13/2016