•  05/05/2015  2014-15 MQP group final photo


From Left to right: Yuxiang Shawn Liu; Fayez Abdullah Alfayez; Mercedes Destine Brown; Joseph Michael Brown; We are standing in front of our MQP poster, with a title of “Development of a stand-alone lab-on-a-chip system”. Each person holds his/her own device: Fayez holds a SU-8 master on a silicon wafer, Mercedes holds an on-chip self-powered pump, and Joe holds a cellphone based microscopy system. It was almost a full year’s work, and you guys did a fantastic work.


  •  10/04/2014  WPI Optomechanics Group


From Left to right: Yuxiang Shawn Liu; Mercedes Destine Brown; Joseph Michael Brown; Fayez Abdullah Alfayez; Marcel Gietzmann-Sanders; Rui Zhang; Yundong Ren; and Chaoyang Ti.


  • 06/04/2014  Bancroft High School Coop Students standing by the systems they are working on

IMG_20140604_141843_small IMG_20140604_141930_small
From Left to right: (1st photo) Paul Friedman, Jenny Markees, and Yuxiang Shawn Liu; Fiber Polishing System
(2nd photo) Chaoyang Ti, Yuxiang Shawn Liu, and Jessica Chang; Fiber Optical Tweezers System