Do you want to hold particles aloft and move them around without touching them, just like what the Jedi did with the Force? Are you eager to explore the amazing phenomena at small scales? Are you looking for challenging but highly rewarding projects to work on? If yes to all the above, you should discuss with Prof. Liu the possibility of working in the Optomechanics Lab. Below are the openings we have in the group.

Ph.D. students
There is currently no opening in our group for Ph.D. students with financial support. Check back later.

MS students
We are always looking for responsible MS students who are eager to be exposed to interdisciplinary research. This will be a good opportunity for your directed research. Talk to Prof. Liu about currently available projects.

Undergraduate students
MQP is a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate students to be involved in research. Research experiences in a lab will be invaluable for your applications of interns and fellowships, especially SURF. Students who wants to accumulate research experience for these applications should NOT wait for MQPs in their last year. Talk to Prof. Liu about available projects you can get involved.

Updated 01/14/2016