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12/20/2017 Our research on fiber optical tweezers was reported in more than 140 media across US, including newspaper and digital media: Telegram & Gazette,, San Antonio Express,Crossroads Today-ABC-Texas, Science DailyLife Science Daily, Cision PRWeb

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10/16/2017 Our research on “fiber based optical tweezers” was featured in the August issue of Mechanical Engineering magazine (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). The extensive story is available at “Optical Tweezers” Move Matter at Cellular Level.”

10/02/2015 Rui’s paper on tuning fork cavity optomechanics has been published on APL.

09/29/2015 Prof. Liu visited Cornell University and presented the group’s recent research progress in the MAE department.

06/30/2015 Rui gave a talk on tuning fork cavity optomechanical sensors at IPR 2015 at Boston, MA.

05/13/2015 Chaoyang presented the poster on the inclined dual fiber tweezers work at CLEO 2015 at San Jose, CA.

04/29/2015 Chaoyang got a poster award at the 1st joint joint NanoWorcester and American Vacuum Society (AVS) New England meeting. Chaoyang is the only graduate student from WPI to win this award. Congratulations, Chaoyang!

10/07/2014 Marcel fabricated the first working microfluidic chip in our lab. Good job, Marcel.

07/17/2014 Yundong switched to the PhD program in our group. Although he is already working in the group, still, welcome, Yundong!

07/17/2014 Our research on fiber optical tweezers has been funded by the Biomedical Engineering program at NSF. The research will be under collaboration of our group and Prof. Qi Wen’s group (Physics, WPI). We are grateful for NSF’s support allowing us to develop novel tools for cell mechanics study, and we will make a difference to the community. We are looking forward to more external supports to build up a vibrant interdisciplinary research group.

06/04/2014 Three Bancroft High School students, Jenny Markees, Paul Friedman, and Jess Chang, spent three weeks in our lab in May and June. They have been very helpful for our research and they also got hand-on experience on open-loop problems in scientific research. Best wishes to these talented young people.

04/02/2014 Marcel was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Student Fellowship (SURF) at WPI, and he is one of the seven students selected for this opportunity across the campus. Being a freshman and competing with all the other juniors and seniors, Marcel demonstrated impressive work and a good plan in research. Congratulations, Marcel!

04/02/2014 Mr. Rui Zhang joined our group as a Ph.D. student. Now we have a group member with strong physics background on board. Welcome, Rui!

12/11/2013 Chaoyang experimentally realized 3D trapping of ~5 um beads with the inclined DFOTs. Good job, Chaoyang.

11/11/2013 Mr. Yundong (Baker) Ren joined our group as a graduate student. Welcome on board.

10/31/2013 Our first undergraduate student, Mr. Marcel Christiaa Gietzmann-Sanders, joined the group. Welcome, Marcel.

08/21/2013 Our first graduate student, Mr. Chaoyang Ti, joined the group. Welcome Chaoyang!

08/01/2013  Optomech website is established. Hello world.