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Yuxiang (Shawn) Liu
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park
(full CV updated 08/2013)


         Ph.D. Students

Yundong                          yao_RIGHT-size

Yundong Ren                                                            Yao Shen
(MS in ME, WPI, joined group in 2013 as a MS,       (MS in ME, WPI. Joined group in 2016 as a MS
tranferred to PhD in 2014)                                         transferred to PhD in 2018)

Mucheng Photo_right-size                         Hamed

Mucheng Li                                                                Hamed Jafarishad
(MS in ME, WPI. Joined group in 2018 as a MS,       (MS in ME, Sharif, Iran, joined in 2019)
transferred to PhD in 2019)


   MS Students


   Undergraduate Students

Christian Rossi                      summer 2018 — present           Mount Wachusett Community College (Gardner, MA)


    Name                                                         In the group                                                  Current 

Chaoyang Ti                                                 Aug. 2013 – Dec 2018 (PhD)                  Postdoc at Boston University

Matthew DeBenedictis                                 May 2017 — May 2019 (BS/MS in ME)
Rui Zhang                                                    May 2014 – July 2018 (MS in ME)           Analog Devices, Inc.
Subhrodeep Ray                                          Jan 2017 — May 2018 (MS in ME)          PhD student at Temple University
Yiming Lei                                                    Summer 2016 — May 2018 (MS in MTE)

Thai Dinh                                                     May 2016 — May 2018 (WPI under)         PhD at Stony Brook University
Jingqiang Ning                                            May 2015 — May 2016 (WPI under)         PhD at GaTech
(WPI undergrad and MQP)
Tianchang Gu                                             May-Sep 2015 (WPI MQP)
Zhijie Wang                                                 May-Sep 2015 (WPI MQP)
Marcel Christiaa Gietzmann-Sanders         Oct 2013 – Sep 2015 (WPI Undergrad Researcher)
Fayez Abdullah Alfayez                              Aug 2014 – May, 2015 (WPI MQP)
Joseph Michael Brown                               Aug 2014 – May, 2015 (WPI MQP)
Mercedes Destine Brown                           Aug 2014 – May, 2015 (WPI MQP)
Jessica Chang                                           May-June, 2014 (Bancroft High School Coop)
Jenny Markees                                          May-June, 2014 (Bancroft High School Coop)
Paul Friedman                                           May-June, 2014 (Bancroft High School Coop)


updated: 10/01/2019